My Baby With A New Face Lift

Blog 1316 – 04.17.2019

My Baby With A New Face Lift

I recently had a mishap tearing off the white plastic cover of my truck’s front bumper. I have for some time now tried this new, at least to me, approach toward life of trying to see the Gift in everything. It took some deep thinking but a day or too after the accident I was able to see it even in my truck’s marred smile. For some time driving several miles to work each day on the high plains of southeastern Wyoming and northeastern Colorado I have encountered deer and other wildlife on the winding and often rocky roads. The same was true of Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Texas, and all the states in between. Though I try my best and hope to miss all the critters I have thought I needed a stouter bumper than the factory-supplied mostly decorative one, as my recent encounter with the edge of the road marking post made abundantly clear. The small metal post sprang back unharmed by the way but not my truck bumper. Anyway, the gift I saw in all of this was than now I could spend the money to get the bumper I have wanted for sometime but was too tight to go ahead and get. Actually I am even got a pretty good price on the bumper, installation, and having new wheel-well liners installed. Thank U (U for Universe, my pet name for my Higher Self, God) for the gift.

I promised when I wrote the blog about my “accidental bumper removal” to write a follow-up article with a picture after the repair. Well, here it is, and my baby and I are all smiles. And just in time, I might add, as I am soon to be leaving this high country for the hills and rivers of southern Indiana. Baby and I are excited with big smiles on both of our faces, happy about her new bumper and our impending road trip back east.

Have fun, fellow travelers, and keep your eyes and heart open for the gift in everything along each new turn of the road.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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