We Did It Again

Blog 1294 – 03.26.2019

We Did It Again

Four years ago before I began this blog I sent the following out to my Middle School (We called it Junior High back then) classmates inviting all who would to join us for a ten year repeat of the fortieth reunion of our 1965 Junior High Class. It was not the large success of our fortieth but it was good to see the few that came. I only attended one of my high school reunions, the twenty fifth and it was nice but fewer showed, though my high school graduating class was larger, than attended the fortieth of my 1965 ninth grade class.

“Let’s Do It Again

Newsletter to promote 50th Reunion of ELJH Class of 1965

January 2015 Issue


Our Get Together in 2005

Since our last reunion Eddie Oliver has worked with the group that keeps the annual East Lake Junior High School reunion going in October of each year. I have not been able to make it to any of those but many of you have. Some people have expressed an interest in getting the gang back together for a 50th reunion of the ELJH Ninth Grade Class. So I talked it over with Eddie and Phyllis Green Donley and we thought another round of newsletters might be helpful to stir interest, reach out to as many classmates, teachers (and friends of the ELJH Class of 1965) as possible, and to just catch up on the lives of our buds. I have yet to become that famous writer I dreamed of becoming in 1965 but hey if I make it to one hundred years old that means I still have thirty five years to reach my goal. That’s my plan. Don’t give up on your dreams and if all your dreams have already come true, dream some new ones.

I plan to keep this upbeat and positive so there won’t be a lot of recounting of woes, and sad stories but that isn’t to say that if someone has a glowing tribute about one of our classmates who has “graduated” we would not want to share it. Indeed, we do want to share such tributes and anything “good or lovely” that has happened or is happening to you right now.

It is an occupational hazard for many of us as we age to get hung up or become soured on life because of some loss or tragedy that has befallen us and spend way too much time talking about and thinking about those things. Someone has said don’t think about what you don’t want, think about what you do want and that is what this newsletter purposes to be all about. Several years ago, my brother Robert White, ELJH Ninth Grade Class of 1967, emailed me the sweetest words, “All I ever wanted was for you to be happy.” Friends and classmates, that is what the angels sang the first Christmas, and every other religion worth its salt teaches. Often you will hear the expression, “Have a blessed day.” Blessed means happy and four of my favorite songs, “ Forget Your Troubles Come On Get Happy“, “Don’t Worry Be Happy”, “Oh, Happy Day”, and the recent hit “I’m Happy” have that same theme. If you’re not happy, get happy, and don’t wait for anyone or anything else to make you happy because only you have the key to your own happiness. It is a lot simpler than you might imagine.

I heard a young boy tell his grandma the secret of making friends. She had been complaining about not having many friends and he said, “Making friends is easy, you just have to act friendly.” Being happy is just as easy, you just have to act happy and the secret to doing that is to think happy thoughts. If you must revisit the past and that seems to be what old folks do way too much of, remember the good times and we had a lot of them at East Lake Junior High school and I believe there is a good time awaiting at East Lake Park this June for as many as make it. See you there.

With the highest and best regards,

David James White, Writer”

And we did as many as came.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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