Murphy’s Law And The Front Of My Truck Revisited Again

Blog 1293 – 03.25.2019

Murphy’s Law And The Front Of My Truck Revisited Again

“If anything can go right, it will go right at the most opportune time.” How’s that for an optimist’s spin on ole Murphy’s Law. It case you are unfamiliar with the more negative version, it goes like this: “If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong at the most inopportune time.” One of the funniest ways that I ever heard it expressed is: “Whether or not your jelly toast falls to the floor jelly side up or down is directly proportional to the age and color of the carpet. If it is white and new, jelly side down every time.”

Sadly many people are quite devout in their adherence to their strongly held belief in Murphy’s Law. It is one of many former beliefs that I also once held but that I have discarded because it no longer serves me. I believe in Murphy’s Law Revised, stated in the first sentence of this blog. I believe that every day is a gift flowing down from the Father/Mother of lights who has nothing but our good in mind with every present.

Saturday morning on my drive to work in the dark, I saw flashing blue, red, and white lights behind me. The country road I was on has no pave shoulder, no shoulder at all really, so I tried to find a place where the slope was more gradual and before I pulled to a stop I rolled over one of those short angle iron edge of the road and depth of the snow markers. I did not hit it hard and figured I would be able to just back off it no problem. Wrong. The officer took my drivers license, proof of insurance, and registration and while he was writing my ticket I tried to ease my truck back off the marker. Kerplunk, the plastic cover on my front bumper popped off and with it the driver side fog lamp. I got out and tried to put both in the pickup’s bed. Now I had a ticket to pay and a soon a much larger repair bill, I am sure for the bumper replacement. The cover blew out on the rest of my way to work.

There is, my friends, no used crying over spilt milk or busted bumpers. All I could really think of to be thankful for then was that no one was hurt, I was not, well maybe my pride a little because I screwed up. But, gratefully no deer or animal was injured in my bumper being wrecked. I see so many deer crossing the roads in north eastern Colorado and southeastern Wyoming and how I hope I never hit one.

After a day I thought of another good thing to come out of my broken bumper incident. I have since I got to Wyoming/Colorado almost four months ago been thinking I need to get one of those Ranch Hand bumpers for the front of my truck. The Universe is telling me, it is high time I did. Thank U for the gift.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

5 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law And The Front Of My Truck Revisited Again

      1. Yes, but the are not all of our problems at least to some degree self inflicted. I can hardly wait to get my new Ranch hand bumper in a few weeks. You can bet there will be a blog about it with a picture. Thanks for reading.

        On Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 9:10 AM theencouragingword wrote:


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