What Is Your Goal?

Blog 1273 – 03.05.2019

What Is Your Goal?

It is good to have goals. It makes life seem a lot more interesting and fun to have something to look forward to, some aim, some destination, some achievement in mind. Life starts to feel empty, pointless, rather dull, and depressing without goals, dreams.

Sadly many even young people despair of living. Either because their goals seem impossible to achieve or in many cases because the one person they want and have their heart set on does not want them back. Been there done that, heart breaking. But hearts will mend if we let them and the goal of having someone that we love and want to want us in return is achievable but only after we realize the only one person necessary to do that above all others is ourselves. Maybe, Charlie Brown, will never get the red haired girl to love and want him, but if he learns to love himself, the odds are quite good that a blonde, brunette, or even another red head will, perhaps several and that he then will have the difficult choice of whose heart to break.

What other goals do you have? It is good to have several and to be thinking up others because sometimes achieving them can be a big let down if you do not have another one waiting in the wings. Last thing any of us needs is to find ourselves singing, “Is that all there is? If that’s all there is, my friend, then let’s keep dancing, bring out the booze, and have a ball.” Booze is never the best answer though dancing is I think a very good way to pass the time while we are thinking up new goals.

I was raised in a very narrow religion that did not approve of dancing and had only one goal – getting to heaven and only believed in One Way of getting there, a strait and narrow way. The Heaven they spoke of seemed about as boring, to me, as their lives, tasteless and devoid of other exciting goals.

Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven is within you.” Our goals come from within our own minds, hearts, and we make our own heaven here and hereafter, I think. In my heaven I am speaking, writing, and singing encouraging words of love, touching many other lives. Now that is just one of my goals. Stay tuned to read and hear about others. One of the best ways to help your dreams come true is to share them with others. It lets the Universe, God, know that we are serious about them and sets in motion all the elements of all of creation to help them materialize and manifest in our lives.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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