With all My Being

Blog 1268 – 02.28.2019

With All My Being

I you are following this blog you may have noticed that certain themes get repeated from time to time. I do not apologize for that for some things are, I think worth repeating. I have at this time posted more than twelve hundred blogs, and I have a current list of about two hundred and fifty Mockingbird Songs, songs that I have covered karaoke style and share with anyone who sends an email address and expresses an interest. From time to time I will also post a Daily Mockingbird Song link in a blog if I think the song might add to the understanding of a particular point I am trying to make.

I have thought it quite interesting for a long time that the name God gave to Moses to tell Pharaoh in response to Moses asking, “Whom shall I say is sending me” was “I am.” The name was also the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak and really pissed off the Sanhedrin (The Jewish Council trying Jesus according to the story) when they were interrogating Jesus asking him, “Are you the son of God?” And he replied, “I am.” In Hebrew – God’s name, the name they reverenced so much and used so little that they even forgot how to spell it, I am told. They decided to end him for his impertinence and used the Romans to crucify him. His charge read King of the Jews, to which they replied, “We have no king but Caesar, God’s name suddenly absent from the conversation, as it is from the book of Esther, the last Old Testament Jewish book to make it into their cannon.

In our rat race modern world where even our speech has devolved into mostly tweets, bumper sticker quotes, and trucker hat slogans it is still possible to find a completely written out position composed of real and completely developed thoughts. Take the question of race, are we not all members of the one race, human being? And being is what we are not what we do, how much money or power we have, the house we live in, the car we drive, the clothes that we wear, or I might add, the color of our hair, eyes, or skin. We are all children of God, beings, I am(s) that live, breath, and have our being all in the Great I Am.

With all my being I propose to live out this adventure in the sure and certain knowledge that I am Holy, I am Whole, and to be thankful each day to the eternal Spirit that inhabits all, me and you too. I be, you be, He/She be – God.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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