“The Wind Made My Icicles Grow Crooked.”

Blog 1267 – 02.27.2019

“The Wind Made My Icicles Grow Crooked.”

A friend sent me a picture that her sister took off her front porch complaining that the wind was making her icicles grow crooked. Isn’t that just like most of us to allow just a little change in the wind or weather to make us crabby, cranky, and cantankerous. Now I have met the sister and would be careful saying that to her face. Ha! But life is so beautiful even in its frozen winter splendor and we should appreciate it. Where I am working, near Cheyenne, Wyoming, I have been surprised that in the almost three months that I have been here that we have yet to get over an inch of snow at a time and usually just a trace if any. But we have on several occasions had fog frost that covers the grass, trees, and tumbleweeds with a beautiful white frosting. In the sunlight it is breathtaking.

For all you “cup half empty” or worse “somebody stole my cup” people out there, it only takes a bit of will power to change your whole perspective on life. I have remarked several times now that I carry in my pocket a charm. It is a silver heart shaped medallion with the words, “Thank You For This Day, Spirit” on one side and on the other, “I am Holy, I am Whole.” At least two or three times a day I take it out and read it aloud to myself, to remind me of Who and Whose I am.

I am the master of all I survey, and by God, I intend to enjoy it all, for it was all created for me and for you, my friends.

It is said that the same wind sends one ship crashing on the rocks while another it sends to safe harbor. What is the difference? It is not the wind nor the waves but the set of the sail. Turn your sails into the wind and enjoy the ride, crooked icicles or no, enjoy the blow and remember just Who and Whose you are.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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