It Is Possible

Blog 1267 – 02.17.2019

It Is Possible

Some time ago my mind was captivated by a line that I read regarding the proper phrasing of our prayers, hopes, intentions, desires. At the outset let me say whatever you choose to call your requests that I believe that we really do get what we ask for. The phrase that I read or heard that really came as an eye-opener to me was that we should always phrase our dreams, desires in the positive. The reason given is that our higher consciousness does not hear or even deal in negatives. Reminds me of a New Testament verse: “All the promises of God are, “Yes, yes.” Whatever you request, the promise is – yes, you shall receive.

Before you get negative with me and say, “Crazy Dave, that just isn’t so in my experience” examine more carefully the way you word your requests. Some common examples are: “I don’t want to be sick. I don’t want to be poor.” Take out the negative and those two requests read, “I want to be sick. I want to be poor.”

The Universe, God, U (you) has got you on a technicality and is always ready to give you what you say you want. You really are getting what you ask for, you just may not be aware of what you have been actually asking for.

The reason nothing is impossible, let me rephrase that, the reason all things are possible with God, the Universe, your Higher Self (all one in the same) is that He/She deals only in positives. Try it: “I am healthy. I am rich.” And yes, visualizing the request as already a done deal makes it become a reality in our lives even faster. And I know many of you Negative Nellies out there have a hard time believing that “thoughts become things” but try it and see. Say to yourself three times a day for twenty-nine days, “I am healthy. I am rich.” And see if you do not begin to feel healthier and see your wallet, purse, and bank account fill from unexpected sources. I expect to get some excited responses from those who actually try this little experiment.

I have shared that a few years back I found myself feeling quite unloved and unappreciated by the fairer sex (and women are in my opinion much more fair in many ways than men. But, I felt cheated and deprived of feminine affection. Anyway, I read one man’s advice on How To Get Attractive Women to find you attractive. And it was basically a change of your own mind about yourself exercise. How can we expect anyone else to love us or find us attractive if we do not ourselves. That negative stuff is a hard pill to swallow and even harder to remove from our language especially our self talk. Did you ever hear yourself say, “I can’t do this or that, or I am not smart, or I will never be able to get over or grasp this or that.” Pretty negative stuff. Try putting a more positive spin on your life, your image, your hopes, and your dreams and see what develops. The negative in life and in photos looks dark and all backwards.

Always look on the bright side of your life for we are creatures of light spiritually dwelling in bodies made of spent star dust and darkness and shadows are only illusions. I have this on the Highest Authority – the Father of Lights from whom every good and perfect gift comes, just for the asking. Ask a really tough one but remember to phrase it positively.

All things are possible, only believe. Surprise, Surprise, Gomer, you are going to love what is coming to you, exactly what you want.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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