A Little ADD/OCD

Blog 1266 – 02.16.2019

A Little ADD/OCD

I write this not in any way to minimize the great difficulty that some have with Attention Deficit Disorder or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder but to say in my opinion we all should be more understanding of the folk diagnosed with these problems because we all suffer from them if only to a lot lesser degree.

Wild and rambunctious children (and aren’t all children, even the quiet, shy ones sometimes) are often diagnosed often with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder.) It is my opinion most of us do not pay that much attention most of the time and are easily distracted by shining objects or projecting things in my case. I think maybe some of that comes from early childhood programming. I did so enjoy decorating Christmas trees and I guess I am always distracted by protrusions you could hang a Christmas ornament on. Ha. But, then I suppose it is no coincidence that both symbols for male and female are circles with unique protrusions, an arrow for men and a protruding Plus or X for women. Get my point, women are plus, and X marks the spot, sorry I could not resist and neither can most of us or the race, the only race, the human race, would have long since died out.

But where was I, that ole ADD, helps us lose track a bit from time to time but what of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)? I am reminded of the words from the congregation when the preacher started naming someone’s pet problem, “Preacher, you have done quit preaching and gone to meddling.” Yes, I confess I have more times than I am proud of let myself become quite obsessed with people, things, and certain causes. It is hard to remember the good advice not to get too concerned with what will not matter a hill of beans a hundred years from now. Someone has said, and I believe rightly so – don’t sweat the small stuff, and oh by the way, it is all small stuff.

Sometime ago there was a TV series called Monk where the star had an almost debilitating case of OCD but learned to use his often obsessive behavior to help make him a phenomenal detective. Few details escaped his attention. But we all know it is a difficult life to live being so focused on minute details that the big picture items often escape us like emotions and maintaining the tolerance and openness that it takes to hold on to a relationship. All that, “It has got to be exactly my way or the highway” crap is no way to win friends and influence people unless it is to get them to steer clear of you.

In the big scheme of things is it really wise to stand on a bed straightening a clock when you might fall and break your back? Probably not. And who really wants to be in a relationship with someone who always has to have the towels hanging at precisely the same length, or all the cans in the cupboard labels facing out and lined up to the tiniest fraction of an inch, like Julia Roberts with her crazy husband in Sleeping With The Enemy.

It is a danger living by ourselves too much of the time this catering to our own craziness and letting ADD and OSD completely consume us. I have found it is a good skill to practice correcting ourselves before others have to. Usually we are too ADD and OCD to listen to anyone else anyway. So pull one of those towels up or down and turn a few of those cans. None of that matters nearly as much as loving and being able to live with others. I used to want to always do the clothes washing so that they would be folded a certain way. Anymore I gladly let anyone else do the wash who is willing and I am even willing to pay to have it done when I can and trust me I do not care how the clothes get folded anymore as long as I can get out of doing it myself. I’d much rather, talk, write, sing, read a book, or watch a movie than spend my life having clothes folded a certain way or any of the many other things that I used to be distracted and obsessed by.

Add ADD and OCD to the subjects I have raised trying to find an encouraging word to share with you, my friends.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

3 thoughts on “A Little ADD/OCD

  1. And throw in a little ACDC, just joking. Did you see Jack Nicholson in “As good As It Gets”? that was a fascinating look at OCD. I am adhd, which drives my family nuts.


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