Let It Pour

Blog 1258 – 02.08.2019

Let It Pour

One of the great advantages of living and working in the frozen north is that the super cold temperatures freeze back the insect life and for several months you do not have to contend with bug spatters on the windshield and the front on your vehicle. But then hitting a migrating deer or even bigger elk or moose in the roadway can make a much bigger mess.

I have made a point of telling everyone who reads this blog that the city I have spent the most time in is Houston, Texas. On an especially cool night in Cheyenne, Wyoming like last night, it was -12 degrees Fahrenheit, that’s cold, I remember fondly those warm nights in Houston. I tease people that if they had not invented air conditioning that Houston would have remained a one horse town. But that is not true. There would have just been more “ice houses” the local name for open air bars where the music is always loud, the women are always friendly, and the beer is always ice cold.

This intro is getting pretty long but patience I am getting there. The thing I love most about Houston, I mean besides, breast man that I am and Houston being where breast enlargements were invented, perfected, and are still performed for lots of women who like me love big ones (And why not for everything is bigger in Texas), is the rain.

When I first arrived in the city in January of 1973, I saw these mammoth concrete ditches that Houstonians call bayous, easy anywhere from twenty five to sixty feet deep and twice that across at the top. I remember thinking what on earth are those for, then when it rained and they almost filled to the top, I knew. I have seen them run over and the rain water get several feet deep in the streets. When I was younger and more foolish I used to drive through water lapping over the hood of my car. But I eventually learned to pull over on the highest ground I could find, preferable near an ice house and to just enjoy the music, pretty ladies, some bar food, and something cold to wash it down with while waiting on the water to recede. It usually goes down in an hour or two after the rain stops, time enough to fully enjoy an ice house.

Most of you know that I love snow but I really love rain too. And it rains more in Houston than any place that I have ever lived. I miss those warm rainy evenings cuddling with my Baby. So what if you always need an umbrella in the car to get into a store, a restaurant, or a movie theater without looking like a drowned rat. Just another excuse, as if you needed one, to hug your Baby close and keep her hair and clothes from getting wet. Makes the shopping, meal, or movie more fun too.

My friend and passionate poet, Paul V. Cann, posted this beautiful painting of a blonde lady under an umbrella, walking in the rain with one of his poems recently. As I first viewed it I heard Neil Sedaka singing in my head, “Oh, how I love the rainy days and the happy ways…walking in the rain with the one I love.” Oh, and I know a lot of people who do not love rain, but Neil knew and Eddie Rabbit did too when he sang, “Oh, I love the rainy night, such a beautiful sight.” I was a very young man still living near Georgia in Chattanooga, Tennessee when I first heard the song, “Rainy Night In Georgia.” My favorite lines are, “I hold your picture to my breast and I feel fine. Baby, it’s a rainy night in Georgia. I believe it’s raining all over the world.”

I leave you with two lines, one paraphrased, from a Gene Kelly movie and song, “I’m singing in the rain, just like I was insane. What a wonderful feeling, I’m happy again.” I am always happy to see it rain. I enjoy the sunshine, and cloudy days too. But for a guy who loves a good shower, I think this often dusty ole world many times just needs a cleansing shower too. So let it pour.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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