Looking for the Sun (Son)? Clouds Are Beautiful Too

Blog 1241 – 01.19.2019

Looking for the Sun (Son)? Clouds Are Beautiful Too

Early on in my blogging career I wrote a blog called, “We’ve Got To Get Behind Rain” from a Sesame Street skit that was like a commercial pushing rain like a political candidate. I took this beautiful pictured of clouds a day or so ago and the sight caused several opposing thoughts to flow through my slightly skewed view brain. Many Christians are looking for their hero Jesus whom they believe is the Messiah to return. They have been waiting for that return for over two thousand years. The Orthodox Jews who do not accept Jesus as the Messiah have been waiting even longer for the Messiah’s first coming. And they do not expect a virgin birth either because the word translated “virgin” in King James popular Christian Bible is translated “young girl” in their Hebrew Bible. So every Jewish Mama-To-Be hopes her child will be the one to change the world, Does not every mama?

I did not take Hebrew or New Testament Greek in Bible College as many of my budding pastor buddies did. They wanted to read the Bible in the original languages but I figured I would still have to take someone else’s word for what the the words meant anyway so why tax my pea brain unnecessarily. When we believe or accept one view without really thinking it through that closes off a lot of other possibilities to us.

My premillennial Christian Friends who believe Jesus is coming back to set up a literal kingdom on this earth discount one verse in the writings of the Apostle Paul that says, “He cometh with clouds and we shall meet him in the air.” That is one of the things that I think of every time I see the sun shining through the clouds. You really have a twisted mind, Crazy Dave. Maybe so, but it is like a black tee shirt with white letters that my son, Jonathan, loved wearing as a teen. It read, “I live in my own little world, but that’s okay, they know me here.”

I am not telling anyone, at least not any longer, who or what to believe. I simply hope that we will not allow our beliefs to be based on foolish fears or hate. I, for one, now of days, when I catch myself saying that I hate this or that thing find myself adding, “No, I do not hate that or them but I love them all, everything.” Love changes everyone and everything. Whatever else I may have once believed and for whatever reason no longer do, I still believe in the power of love to transform situations, people, and things. Some people hate rain, snow, and ice. I love them. And like Will Rogers who said, “I never met a man I did not like.” I intend to allow myself to love everybody and everything, especially you and me. And especially if the day is cloudy with a chance of babies, meat balls, or Messiahs.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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