T.G.I.F. Again?

Blog 1240 – 01.18.2019

T.G.I.F. Again?

It is Friday again, and God but I love Fridays. Even though I have to work most Saturdays on this gig I still get excited about Fridays. Glenn Campbell recorded a song that I loved the first time I heard it. The chorus begins, “The eagle flies on Friday nights and my senses fly off too. How come every time I itch I wind up scratching you.” I hope to encourage, entertain, and maybe enlighten (and by that I don’t mean that I know it all, but I mean to brighten, and lighten in two ways a brighter light and some word to perhaps lighten your load.) If my often less than sharp wit scratches anyone it is not intentional and I do apologize.

I have found that sometimes the greatest sensitivities and the biggest loads that most of us carry comes from dragging along too much baggage from the past or borrowing troubles from tomorrow that might never even happen. For that very reason even Jesus said there is enough trouble for us in each day without borrowing more. Fridays always reminds me of the song, “Forget your troubles, come on, get happy.” So many of us older folks are afraid of losing our memories but trust me selective forgetfulness is a skill we should all cultivate in our youth so that we are really good at it by the time we have children and can more easily pass that skill on.

Did you ever notice that the basic plot to many books and movies is holding a grudge, getting even, or revenge. Even Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Julius Caesar, and MacBeth (four of Shakespeare still popular plays) have doing back to others as they have done to you as their underlying theme. The expression is “forgive and forget” because you really have not forgiven till you can forget the offense, slight, or perceived ill treatment. My ole buddy, The Apostle Paul, said, “Count it all joy.” Easy for you to say one might think but that just shows a lack of understanding of what an often less than fun ride Paul really had and had already experienced when he wrote those words with much more trouble to come.

It may seem like Pollyanna to many of you this “Forget your troubles, come on, get happy” attitude but it makes for a lot more “Happy Days” and “Happy Endings” than revenge. I have spend several months watching the six season ABC series called Revenge and the one constant throughout the series is that there is no end to “getting even” by the Old Testament “eye for and eye, tooth for a tooth” system of justice. As the old joke goes all that an eye for an eye gets anyone is a world full of one-eyed or no-eyed people. Do yourself and all the rest of us a favor and remember who you truly are and another one of ole Billy Shakespeare’s better lines, “To err is human, to forgive, divine.” We are after all like Jesus, both human and divine. Let us let our divine side show more, forgiving and forgetting our troubles, and being the happy people we were meant to be.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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