The Bright Side Of The Moon

Blog 1235 – 01.13.2019

The Bright Side Of The Moon

First an original theencouragingword poem.

I See That Smiling Moon

I see that smiling moon

Beaming bright for me

Like Alice’s Cheshire cat

Lighting the night for me.

We cannot lose for winning

That ole cat keeps a grinning

Stretches, it’s seventh inning,

Only choices, learning, winning.

I see that lovely, laughing, moon

I just can’t help but answer back

Smiling, outrageous, contagious

Some gravitas, big grins may lack.

With hat, heart, head on straight

Still smiling, laughing like a loon

Blame it not on Rio, or Mardi Gras

Blame it all on that smiling moon.

I am always looking for things that make me smile and laugh out loud and I cannot see a smiling moon but that I remember Alice In Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat that disappeared all but for that big beaming grin, just like a smiling moon.

A smiling moon is often a reminder to my light and care-free ever-young heart that I am indeed, “guided, guarded, and protected” – watched over, kept, and blessed by a loving Universe, fore and aft, above and below, every where I go. And so are you, my friends, believe it or don’t.

Lastly a Mockingbird Moon song.

The Moon’s A Harsh Mistress

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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