On A Clear Day

Blog 1230 – 01.08.2019

On Clear Day

Today’s title comes from a song lyric, “On a Clear day you can see forever and ever more.” As I sit patiently waiting on the dealership to repair a problem with my truck that turned on the engine light, I can see out the showroom window a clear, bright, and burning blue sky. I am a very blessed and a grateful person to not only have been born into this life at just such a time but to have been permitted these many years to enjoy and to explore it.

I marvel than many, dear to me, have not had as long, traveled as far, nor were permitted so many clear and beautiful days to live here and there across this big blue ball spinning and flying through space. Ours is a life, a world, bound by time and space. We are time and space travelers.

On this bright day when I can see clearly I would like to wish my self and all of you my friends, as the French say, a Bon Voyage, or a Good Journey. It is after all what we make of it. We can choose to concentrate on the problems and there by draw more of them into our lives. The Universe wants to give us more of what we occupy our minds with. Or we can choose to over look or minimize the problems like engine lights, hours spent waiting at the truck dealership, and cost estimates exceeding twice over what we expected. With a good book to occupy the time, one that we might have read four or five times already but still enjoy reading again every few years, what might have otherwise been a long boring worry-filled time becomes instead a pleasant interlude. We can always make more money and this way others too can share our wealth. Life is all in how we look at it.

I choose to see life, all of my life, as an incredible journey and I refuse to let snow, ice, wind, rain, or cloudy skies spoil my day. I have learned to love all five as much if not more that those beautiful bright blue-skied clear days. On a clear day you can see for ever and ever more but on any day you cans see up close and know this life is wonderful, wonderful.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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