In The Time That It Takes

Blog 1229 – 01.07.2019

In The Time That It Takes

Often we get in a hurry to accomplish this or that and forget to remain awake in the moment. The many differing and various religions use different terms to describe this experience of being fully awake in the moment – born again, enlightened, spirit-filled, being but a few that I heard in my mostly Judeo-Christian early years. It is a sadness to me, this twisted desire we acquire, many of us, the belief that we have found some special corner on the truth. Makes preachers of us as we attempt to convince and convert the world to our view of the truth.

I rather teasingly remarked to a comment on my blog yesterday about the importance of loving ourself that I intended to convert the world to that truth. I do not for my only plan is to do my best to live in the eternal moment myself as constantly and consistently as I can. I do believe that we choose the thoughts that we dwell on and that anyone who cares to pay attention can readily discern by our demeanor what those thoughts are. There are any number of thoughts to choose from and I have a sneaky suspicion that each of them if followed to their source, even the somewhat troubling and dark ones, will in time lead one back to the One Great Thinker. I like something I saw in a familiar Bible verse some years ago. The verse reads, “Delight thyself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Ole slightly skewed view Dave had to turn that one over and around in his mind a bit. The question that I found an answer for in my pondering is this: “Where do our dreams, desires, and thoughts truly originate?” Even as we ourselves do, everything is given to us and as well every gift is a perfect fit coming down from the Father, the Mother, of Lights. The verse says, “He gives us the desires of our hearts.” Granted the surface sense of those words is the common interpretation that if we delight in Him, He grants our wishes – a sort of tit for tat. But that, I think, is a very shallow idea of the Creator and the Created.

I think, we are not separated but One, and that we live, see, breath, and think together ever on the same page. I often quote my friend Mike Dooley who reminds everyone and often that, thoughts become things and that therefore we should always choose the best ones to think on.

Our lives can change for the better. Our dreams need not remain nightmares but can be the sweetest dreams come true. It is all up to me and to you. In the time that it takes to think a better, brighter, more encouraging thought our life can change. The clarion call throughout not just the Bible but most if not all holy and sacred books is, “Awake, oh sleeper, and allow the light to shine on you and in you.”

Happy Monday, Pilgrims.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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