The Creative Urge

Blog 1227 – 01.05.2019

The Creative Urge

That deep undeniable urge to merge, to replicate ourselves, to give back, to give on, is inside each of us and will find a means of expression if we but let it.

And it is revealed in many forms be that writing, singing, painting, sculpting, sewing, quilting, designing or a myriad of means of loving. There is energy in us to create.

Some like my beloved daughter Emily by chance, happenstance, or design are not permitted to have children of their own but in her case her original songs were and are her children. Check out but a few of them for yourself by Googling, “Dancing with Spock”, the name of her performing duet with boyfriend and Sax-man, Toby.

I make an effort every morning to publish an encouraging word or a couple hundred on this blog. I spend time penning more private poetry, and I pick a Mockingbird Song to share with any who request to be on my Daily Mockingbird Song List. Why do I do this? Not for fame or money. I have yet to make a dime or have lines of people requesting an autograph. I do these things because I have found them but three ways to give the best of me to as many as I can for as long as I can. Will these creative bits of me live on or touch many? I think they already are doing that and I hope that I and my creative children will continue to.

If you did not take the time to Google – Dancing With Spock – here is a Mockingbird song with my lesser voice and that much bigger, better singing voice of my Baby Girl, Emily Elaine White, doing what I like to call The Baby Song together.

Duet With My Baby.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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