Divine Kisses And Angel Wing Feathers

Blog 1226 – 01.04.2019

Divine Kisses And Angel Wing Feathers

A friend reading my blog yesterday where I used the phrase “red dot or feather kind” to describe Indians said that though she knew I meant it in a kind way that I would probably get some comments on that remark. I responded that if I did I would know that my blog was being read and that I would have a chance to explain that a divine kiss or an angel wing feather was what I meant. And that it is my wish that everyone feel the divine kiss and angel wing feathers about them each and every day.

My friend Mike Dooley, author of Notes From the Universe, and several best selling books, commented on his wonderful new family wishing all a Happy New Year and he went on to say that he hopes our concept of family will one day widen to exclude no one but to include everyone.

In the book of James, in the New Testament, it is said that God is not a respecter of persons. Sometimes the language of the beloved King James Version of the Bible has changed so much that the meaning is confused if not completely lost. That verse does not mean that God does not respect people. It simply means that God has no picks, favorites, special children. But how many wars have been fought because this group or this person or that thinks they are “God’s Chosen People.” One of the longest lasting disputed can be traced back to two half brothers both of whom had the same father, Abraham, and both of whom were loved by their father but who still to this day, like the Smother’s brothers of some years back, continue to argue about who Mama or Papa loved best. Silly Rabbits, those tricks are for kids. Grown ups know that a perfect parent would love his or her children equally and treat them the same.

So whether we are talking about Divine Kisses or Angel Wing Feathers we are none of us Chiefs but all of us are Indians and equally loved and adored by a loving Universe. We need no walls to divide us nor to believe for a moment that we are better than or less than anyone else.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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