Day Two

Blog 1224 – 01.02.2019

Day Two

It is back to work for many and back to school for some today and the holiday season is officially over. It is interesting that many think that one day or some days are holier or more special than others. The chief writer of the New Testament books, the Apostle Paul, wrote one honors this day above others and another that one but that to him that every day was holy. I have quoted Elvis Presley many times singing, “Why can’t everyday be like Christmas?” They can if we like the reformed Ebenezer Scrooge keep Christmas in our hearts every day.

Many people use this time after the Christmas holidays and the beginning of a new calendar year to make New Years Resolutions – promises to self to do better, to be better in the New Year. Again if we learn to see each new day as a wholly holy day we can begin anew each sunrise being and giving the best we have to offer. What is stopping us, only ourselves.

My New Day Resolution for today, day two, of 2019 is to keep an eye out for every opportunity that God, the Universe, gives me to stretch my heart and mind, to love a little better, to live a little more awake than I did yesterday. Baby steps, truly we can achieve anything we set our hearts to if we are but willing to put it out there, take a few baby steps in that direction, to prove to ourselves and to the Universe that that is what we we truly want. We can make it happen but realize the Big U is the biggest, and the best part of we.

Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio conscience sang, “When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, when you wish upon a star your dreams come true.” Your dreams will come true in 2019 but be sure you pick the best ones and the brightest star to wish upon.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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