Well, It’s A New Year, Honey

Blog 1223 – 01.01.2019

Well, It’s A New Year, Honey

When I was just a boy growing up in the nineteen-fifties, the year 2019 was only spoken of in sci-fi movies full of guesses regarding advances in technology, fantastic inventions. Many of those have come to pass, some not. Still there are no flying cars though they were still being predicted as late as nineteen-eighty four’s Back To the Future flying DeLorean time machine and the nineties Hot Tub Time Machine. Still no time machines neither DeLorean nor Hot Tub but, we have much to be thankful for.

Before I name what I think we have most to be thankful for, let me just tick off a few technological improvements that I have noted in my sixty plus years. First though they still do not fly nor travel in time (I mean beyond the one hundred or so miles per hour most are capable of achieving if you punch them) far more long lasting, reliable automobiles equip with more bells and whistles. Time was in the fifties when even buying a new car you carried a tool box in the trunk for minor repairs along the way and mechanical tune ups were required every three or four oil changes, no longer. We have long had hand held calculators that make slide rules collectors items and museum pieces. We have long had quartz and digital watches that have calculators built in and can do many more things than tell time, including whistle Dixie or of many other tunes they are programmed to play. We have had for some years now personal computers with far more capabilities than the one block square original IBM Super Computer. Now Smart Phones and tablets can do anything a desktop or notebook computer can do.

Why, I can publish a daily blog with pictures and links to pictures, audio, and video, still in my pajamas each morning without leaving my easy chair. I can also record and send my Daily Mockingbird Songs around the world with the sound quality of a recording studio all done in my all year round camper or in my pickup truck. I could go on and on with all the techno-gadgetry in our lives and there are more cool things coming out everyday but I will not.

I will however close this piece with a shout out to what we have most to be thankful for. And that is our wonderful Self reflected in people and the natural world around us. The recently passed Queen Of Soul, Aretha Franklin, sang about how great it was for her to feel like A Natural Woman. I believe there abides in each of us the heart, soul, body, and mind of a natural man and woman and that we were born to be and to enjoy it all. It is a new year, Honey, and the adventure of a lifetime awaits each and everyone of us.

The ball dropped in the Big Apple at midnight Eastern Standard time, and by now the clocks have all ticked past midnight all around the world. Even as I wish myself, I wish each and all, a Happy and Prosperous 2019.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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