Christmas Angels

Blog 1214 – 12.23.2018

Christmas Angels

The story goes that angels from on high came to announce a special birth. The first visits were to his aunt and his mother, then his uncle and the man who was to be act as his earthy father and lastly a whole whole choir sang to announce his birth to some shepherds tending their flocks by night. The heavenly host sang, “A Child Is Born, come see where he lays, Peace of Earth, Good Will To Men.” It was a message short and sweet. Angels, we are told are ministering spirits. They have a job to do and like the Blues Brothers they are on a mission from God.

The Christmas angels were not the first angels to appear to man. Supposedly there was a fiery angel with a drawn sword set to guard the way back into the garden, to keep man out. I have a slightly different interpretation on that first angel sighting. I think man in his ego-twisted mind got it all wrong. God never ran him out, he and the woman left because they were ashamed to face God because they had believed lies on him and his goodness. Ego had told them God wanted to keep them down, keep them ignorant of the knowledge of good and of evil. Not true for even a moment, God, the Universe withholds nothing from his children. There was no evil to withhold. Man had to invent that in his own heart and mind or the illusion of it. That fiery angel more likely was put there so they could find their way back if they really wanted to but they had bought into Ego’s lies and did not. Even a long series of priests, judges, prophets, and kings could not convince them to come back home. As a sort of last resort God sent a baby on a special mission.

I believe every baby is born for a special mission, even and to my mind especially those born in July. My dear and departed daughter Emily was born into and passed out of this life in the month of July. The thirty-two years between her coming and going felt to me very much like a visit from an angel. She touched many lives and continues to through the music she left us and the stories about her that those who knew her first hand still share, keeping her memory alive. Bible historians say that Jesus of Nazareth walked this earth for but thirty-three years and what deep and lasting footprints he made and continues to make in the hearts of many even today.

There is a somewhat obscure line in, I think one of Paul’s letters in the New Testament: “Do not be afraid to entertain strangers for in so doing many have entertained angels unaware.” When I was in the fifth grade my teacher, Mrs. Lane, read a chapter a day after lunch from the little book that Dale Evans, Roy Rogers wife, wrote about the little girl that she and Roy had with Down’s Syndrome. Little Robin only live two years. The book was called Angel Unaware and chronicled what a blessing each day they had with her was, their little angel.

I am so grateful that my angel unaware, Emily, was with us long enough for us to see her become a woman, a singer, songwriter, and though she did not get to birth children of her own she spilled her big heart out on the children of many others’ through child and youth ministries at her church in Virginia. To all you Christmas Angels out there, thank you for watching over us and helping us be better angels too.–bJPVIGg0Ic5pw5J0lr8BjnXxK-YWlV/view?usp=drivesdk

Angels Among Us

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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