Half A Day Saturday

Blog 1213 – 12.22.2018

Half A Day Saturday

It is a long tradition that for me dates back to my days in Army AIT or Advanced. Individual Training, the custom of only working a half day on Saturday. Due to the Christmas holidays the crews working on the project that I am currently assigned to will only be working a half a day today. Smiles all around. Many of you probably have Saturdays off so it may not seem so big a deal to you but believe me after six eleven hour days to end this work week with a half day before four more days off is something to celebrate.

Like to many who grew up as I did in this culture, the Christmas holidays are a long awaited event. As a boy I had more than one, more like six to ten, calendars on which to mark off the days till Christmas. I remember the expression, “As slow as Christmas” seemed appropriate for it seemed to take forever for Christmas to finally come. When I was about eighteen the barber who had been cutting my hair since I was ten said to me while he cut my hair, “How old are you now, Son?’ I answered that I had just turned eighteen. And he replied back, “Well, the days are really going to start clicking off for you now, the older you get the faster time seems to go.” Was he ever right for even Christmas that used to seem to take forever now seems to come around every few months and if I make it to my goal of one hundred and fifteen years it will seem like the Elvis song that every day is Christmas.

Elvis sang, “Why, can’t every day be like Christmas?” They should for each one is the Present we are given and we should say, “Thank you for the gift.”


Thank You For The Gift

Last month many of us celebrated a day called Thanksgiving. Christmas should be a day of thanksgiving too as should each and every day. Happy Holy or Holidays.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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