I Love Playing Santa

Blog 1211 – 12.20.2018

I Love Playing Santa

The first time I ever donned a Santa Suit I was twenty five years old and it was for a Children’s Church promotion at a church I was attending in Spring Branch a suburb of Houston, Texas. We called it Christmas In July for the 25th of July fell on Sunday that year and the Bus Director came up with the idea of celebrating Christmas in July for the five hundred or more children we bused to Sunday School and Church each Sunday morning. I volunteered to dress up as Mr. Ho Ho Himself and somewhere they borrowed an antique sleigh for me to sit in. It was a real production and the kids just loved it and so did I.

Some years later I purchased my own Santa Suit and did free lance appearances usually on Christmas Eve. Once or twice I just stood out in the front yard and waved at passing traffic. I have visited schools and work places spreading the seasonal cheer. My wife even had me dress up for her bank customers a time or too. One other time a friend in Indiana had me dress up in a Santa suit, her own, to help her pass out candy to trick or treaters at Halloween. It was great fun and Santa told all the kids as he passed out treats that he would be back in less than two months with the big stuff. I had a great time and the kids and their adult escorts were thrilled.

One of the great advantages I have found of dressing up like Santa is that children and many pretty ladies want to have their pictures made in Santa’s lap. The latter for most guys would be reason enough to don the suit. To be so instantly accepted and loved by so many is a heady experience that more than makes up for the itchy, sweaty red suit, and scratchy beard and wig.

Yes, Virginia, there is indeed a Santa Claus, and he is me, and every red blooded individual with a loving and giving spirit. Secret Santa or well known most every body opens their heart to Santa. Christmas is the giving season and in so doing we all feel like Santas in our hearts. Merry Christmas to all my friends.

My Christmas Gift is my song and this blog. I hope it is just the right size and the perfect fit.


Merry Christmas Darling

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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