Take Another Look, Change The World, Change You

Blog 1210 – 12-19-2018

Take Another Look, Change The World, Change You

Fifty years ago I had a Senior Honors English class with an emphasis on creative writing. Even then I dreamed that I would one day be a writer. This blog has been for me a dream come true, where daily I get to publish an editorial column as I did only monthly in my high school newspaper. My column was called In My Opinion. And I suppose most of my blog posts are opinion pieces but please do not get too upset if my opinion differs from yours at any point because opinions to me are just points of view and I strive to see everything from as many points of view as I can and I am ever willing to discard or change my opinion or belief in favor of a new and a different better one.

I do not remember being so quick to change my mind as a young man. I was all too sure that my opinion was the one and only true way to see the issue and was not very patient at all with those who did not see the issue from my point of view. That seems so silly to me now, as if any one particular view could ever reveal anything or any issue completely. I love the story of the five blind guys who were quite sure they could describe this large animal that the were brought to and ask to describe after touching it. The first one touched the animals ear and said, the creature is like a big leafed plant, the second touched its nose and said it was like a large coiling snake, yet a third grabbed its tail and said it was like a rope. The fourth grabbed a leg and said it was a tree. Yet the fifth said they were all wrong, having felt the side of the animal, described it in no uncertain terms as no animal at all but a wall. And they were all right from a certain point of view.

It is a wise person who allows others also to be right and tries to devise a plan whereby others as well as ourselves can pool our points of view to a better revelation of ourselves and the world around us. If it takes three points to establish a datum, a concrete point to start from, why should we ever believe that a singular view point could ever guide us to a right conclusion.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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