“Stubborn Is Good For Getting Things Done…

Blog 1171 – 11.10.2018

“Stubborn Is Good For Getting Things Done…

But not so good for relationships.” I heard a world-wise man say that in a movie a couple of days ago and it struck me as something that needed expanding upon. I have been way too stubborn throughout my life and far too concerned with “being right” and less concerned with being kind and loving. I used to say there is nothing at all wrong with being hard headed as long as one is not hard hearted but contrary even to the sensible sounding first part of the above quote we might even get a lot more done if we did not hold so stubbornly to our own opinion of what is right. I heard one politician say we need other different views because “Steel sharpens steel.” That is a Bible quote, the meaning of which is that we compliment one another and make one another sharper.

Compromise these days has become a dirty word that seems to fly in the face of the myth of the lone eagle hero who stands his or her ground and takes no prisoners. But indeed many are held prisoner to this myth of the lone savior/hero who carves out his fortune from the land with his own two hands or is the only one that can save us. That almost never happens. Most who get rich quick do it upon the backs of many others. And we, not one her or he, will save the day. I quoted Henry Fonda’s great speech as Tom in Grapes Of Wrath yesterday where he committed what to some is a great heresy saying “perhaps we don’t have our own soul just a part of one big one.” Ah, but if we could just see that perhaps then we could truly begin to know Who and Whose we really are. And it would be so much easier to be kind to ourselves and to others, and as well a lot less concerned with being right all the time. We could just let others be right occasionally.

Imagine, if you will, that there is no heaven, no hell, and no “others” just us – the Universe, the Godhead, and for you Christian leaning folk, the Trinity – the parent, the child, and the spirit that binds them forever together. That is Who and Whose I think we are – One Whole and all a part of one Big Soul. It is not nearly so important to be right as to be kind. It brings out the best in the U.S., in the whole enchilada, in “Us.” We it would seem are after all the only elephant in the room.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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