Keep On The Sunny Side

Blog 1153 – 10.23.2018

Keep On The Sunny Side

Even the sun has dark spots, I am told, so it should come as no surprise that everything that happens to us is not always sunny and bright. But we do get to choose how we react to what happens to us and how we face the challenges in our lives determines to a large degree whether we will be the hero of our story or a victim.

This is the second lighter side happier song that I wanted to do before the Man Of Constant Sorrows song from the sound track to Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou. I have at various times in my life been called a Pollyanna because I try so hard to maintain a positive outlook on life. It is worth noting here that many of the funniest comedians, best artists, and performers throughout history have struggled with deep dark depression in their lives and that their efforts to entertain others with their gifts and humor often was a mask they wore hoping to drive away their own demons.

Keep On The Sunny Side

There is for many of us, indeed all of us, a dark side of life and it is all too easy to let ourselves be consumed by it. But even in the darkest place there is a ray of sweet sun light and look for it shining from your own heart. For those looking for a Savior find him/her there – you. You and I are the Messiah, the Buddha, the Prophet, the One who comes in the name of the LORD. We have been given power of attorney so to speak to rule in Her/His stead as Princesses and Princes of Peace and Light in this world.

I love the funny line, “ I was so bright as a kid that my mama called me “Sunny.” Our divine parent did first because he/she knows there burns in each of our hearts that divine spark that is always ready to burst into flame if we but fan the fire.

Keep On The Sunny Side.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Saying Shine On,

David White

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