Holly Holy

Blog 1154 – 10.24.2018

Holly Holy

One of my favorite Neil Diamond songs is Brother Love Show but someone asked me to do this one.


Holly Holy

I have written previously and more than once about the metal medallion that I carrying in my pocket to remind me of a truth greater, I think, than most of the religious dogmas memorized and taught, that no matter appearances, I am, each and all of us are, “Holy” and “Whole.” The Other side of the medallion reads, “Thank you for this day, Spirit.” Gratitude is the secret key that unlocks all the good things of life to us, the key to the treasure house. One of the greatest of those treasures is the sure and certain knowledge that we are Holy and Whole. I think many are a bit confused as to what those words really mean. Holy means “set apart for a special use” not “better than someone else” or “goody two shoes” or “my poop don’t stink.”

No matter how many pairs of shoes or pairs of pretty panties we own our poo does still stink but we are all, everyone of us, set apart for a wonderful life and none of us is a half brother or sister or red-headed step child but whole and complete right out of the package. Oh, our package might be wrinkled, worn, or missing a ribbon or bow but what’s inside the package, our eternal self, is shining and inviolate, whole, and complete. Those with loving eyes see through the wrapper and love us for Who and Whose we are. Holly Holy.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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