Heroes And Esther’s Song

Blog 1152 – 10.22.2018

Heroes And Esther’s Song

“Where do you get your ideas to write all these blogs?” One might ask. Most of them come to me out of the blue while I am thinking of you, the One, I love. I have given a great deal of thought to the religious who called themselves monotheistic, who believe and profess One God, like those in Judaism, Islam, or Christianity, though some think the Christian idea of the Trinity, three gods in one, the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, is a cheating way to still worship three gods. But to my point these monotheistic religious people teach, “The LORD God is One.” Monotheism means One God, and polytheism – many gods, but as Taoism, “The Way”, teaches it need not be “either/or” but can be “both.” The Apostle Paul wrote, “God is all in all” and elsewhere quoted his Bible, the Old Testament when he wrote, “Is it not written, ‘You are gods.” Whether you put an apostrophe before the s in gods or not it is still the same – another clue to Who and Whose we are.

My sister, Esther, is one of the bravest, strongest, most courageous heroes that I have ever known in my life. In the great pantheon of heroes there is a place for each of us as there is in the great heart of the Universe. Some years ago Esther was hospitalized with a serious staff infection that the doctors were unable to determine how she had contracted nor at first, at least, even an affective way to treat it. My wife, Linda, Esther’s blood sister, drove from Houston to Indianapolis to be with our sister as the doctors were almost certain the disease would end her life. Esther’s, toes, feet, fingers, even lips, and eyelids blackened and the doctors feared nothing would stop the progression of the disease. But miraculously, or medically, something caused the mysterious staff infection or whatever it was to relent and Esther did not lose her fingers, her lips, nor her eye lids but the doctors could not save her feet. At hearing that the doctors removed both of her feet I, foolish man that I am, like the Civil War Calvary officer played by Kevin Costner in the movie Dances With Wolves thought that I would rather die than lose even one foot let alone two. But my sister Esther showed me, showed us all, that there is indeed a hero in everyone of us. It was not easy – the surgery, the long recovery, the long hours of physical therapy, the fittings for prosthetic lower legs and feet, and even to have to do it all over again, as it was necessary to have more of her legs removed. But she stood tall, still does, and always will.

When I learned to sing this beautiful Josh Groban song.. “You’re Still You”, I knew it would forever be “Esther’s Song” to me. A few years ago, I tried to sing it for her at a family gathering for her birthday in her home, but such a serious song and a few moments of stillness to hear it were not to be or was it my less than Josh worthy performance. At any rate I stopped trying after one verse as no one was really listening and she could not hear the song anyway over the others talking. It was her birthday party after all. At any rate I do hope that Esther gets to hear it someday and knows that she is indeed a hero to many of us. I especially like the lines:

“You walk passed me, I can feel you pain.

Time changes everything.

One truth always stays the same.

You’re still you, after all, you’re still you.”

The song goes on to say that in this sometimes seeming cruel and lonely world that I have found One Love, you’re still you after all, you’re still you. I love my sister Esther and I am practicing the best I can that “Ole Time Religion” that makes me love everybody and everything. The Universe to me is God, where we are all One and a part of a Universe where all are God’s and gods worthy of worship, adoration, and love and standing tall like Esther.


You’re Still You

Your friend, fellow traveler.

Fellow hero, and fellow co-deity,

David White

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