Big Rock Candy Mountains

Blog 1151 – 10.21.2018

Big Rock Candy Mountains

I first heard this song as a lad sung by the cutest little girl that my heart had a big crush on then and still does. How sad I was to learn that she was already a grown lady with children older than I was at the time. No matter, Sweet Shirley, I will always love you. A few years ago I heard the song again in the George Clooney Depression movie called “Oh, Brother Where Art Thou. What a fantastic movie and what a wonderful song. Here is my Mockingbird Version for you:

Big Rock Candy Mountains

Paradise looks different to different people. This song is paradise from the perspective of a long time unemployed drifting hobo who sings of hand outs growing on bushes and hanging the jerk who invented work. The original actually said “Turk” instead of jerk but I took the liberty of changing it not wishing to insult any of my Turkish friends. I am read and heard around the world and have no enemies only friends everywhere and never want to offend or slight any of them.

A lot of people in my country seem to be excited about the latest economic news of there being more jobs than people wanting or qualified to fill them. Even in the best of times for many reasons that we don’t like to think about there are many people left behind. They are most of them, “the least of these my brethren” that Jesus talked about and set our treatment of as the true indicator of our love for God. I believe God is as the Bible says, “All in all” and that means you and me and everyone and everything. How we treat Mother Earth, Father Sky, and everyone and everything in between says to all who we think we are. That is a question we have all asked and heard, “Who do you think you are?” Here is a clue – once upon a time you and I helped hang the moon and every star. There is Royal blood flowing through our veins and the love of God in our hearts. We must not forget to let it show nor to remember that we will meet again one and all some fall in the Big Rock Candy Mountains. My little girls Emily and Shirley are two of many that I look forward to seeing and singing with again.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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