Moving Day

Blog 1132 – 10.02.2018

Moving Day

Moving day is hectic for all of us with so many last minute details to take care of and most of us realize that we have collected a lot more stuff since that last move. I wrote a piece recently about one of the great secrets to getting what we want being making room for it in our lives by letting go of so many things that we no longer want or really need.

A term we often used as an excuse for holding on to things we no longer need if we ever did is that they have “sentimental value.” My dad was in many ways a “wise guy” probably in several senses. He loved to give things away. Every time I came to visit in a car, I left with a fuller trunk and often with things I did not really want or need but were easier just to accept with a smile than to say “No thank you, dad.” He was pretty sure that the treasures he was offering were just what you wanted and needed.

Yesterday, I let go of one of those treasures, a down jacket that I had only worn in mostly hot and humid Houston, Texas as extra padding beneath my Santa suit. Man was it hot. I am trimming down and it is too big for me now so I donated it and several other pieces of clothing to DAV (Dis-Abled Veterans) by depositing the items in one of their collection boxes. I hope some Vet stays warm this winter as my dad always wanted me to be.

I held on to that jacket especially after my dad died in 1997 for no other reason than that he gave it to me. Sentimental reasons is not a good enough reason to cheat ourselves out of bigger better dreams. Actually there is just so much room in our lives for things. My plan when I get something new is to let something old go but it works better if you let the old go first. Often a better replacement comes faster and even cost free.

If you do not believe me try it in your own life. I think you will be pleasantly surprised how well it works.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

3 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. You’re right, David. Sentimental reasons are not enough to continue keeping certain things but they affect me still. I’m better at getting rid of clothing than paper, pictures and similar items. I’ve tried reading books on eliminating clutter, writing myself notes (which often get lost in the papers I keep), praying. It’s just so hard to let go of certain things.


    1. We will have to at some point let go of it all and someone else will have to plow through the clutter we leave behind and hopefully be less sentimental about it. I love you, Sweet Sis.


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