A Place Called Home

Blog 1131 – 10.01.2018

A Place Called Home

From April first till today and the same for the last several years I have resided in a nineteen foot pull behind RV camper that I purchased used in Green River, Wyoming after returning from a two month work assignment in Kenai, Alaska, my second pipeline inspector contract travel assignment. I have been “on the road” ever since, spending most of that time, at least the above freezing months in the camper, and the rest in motels and extended stay places. For some with deeper roots, my nomad life would not be their “cup of tea” but it is perfect for me. I have gotten to see all fifty U.S states, six Canadian Provinces, and ten other foreign countries and hope to see even more before this journey is done. At least for the time being this big beautiful ball called earth is my home and wherever I roam I feel at home.

That is because and I am not joking when I tell friends that home is where the heart is and mine is in my chest. I firmly believe as Jesus taught that heaven (home) is within us, in our hearts. The only way to feel truly at home, at peace, is to open up that wide expanse within and realize that heaven and home are always nearer than we think.

My little trailer is no multi-bedroom and bathroomed mansion which might be nice if one is expecting a lot of guests and friends to sleep over but as I do most all of my entertaining with this blog and my Daily Mockingbird Song I do not need the space. I have thought about getting a nice new Airstream when I retire from inspecting to live out the remainder of my journey in but they are quite expensive and I may just try to fix this little trailer up or buy one like it already refurbished if I can find one. Airstreams are nice, top of the line, but I have been quite comfortable in this one even through one winter in Wyoming and two in Indiana where the campgrounds stayed open year round. They did not in Wisconsin nor do they in Minnesota.

I am asking the Universe for an working assignment where they do after this one ends in the next month or so, maybe west Texas. That way I could drag my little camper down south for at least for the cooler months. I love the northern winters but think I need to reacquaint myself with the southern U.S. where I was born and have spent the majority of my stay this time around.

For sometime I have thought I might like to eventually retire to the northwest maybe Northern California or Oregon neither of which I have seen much of yet but have long wanted to. A hundred and fifty years ago many in this country headed that way. Horace Greeley, the famous newspaperman, author, and publisher wrote, “Go West Young Man” and many heeded his advise and headed that way. I am no longer a young man, at least not on the outside, but I too have heard that call, but before I answer it there are detours yet I would like to take. Rest assured wherever I roam or end up it will be for me – Home. If I do not see you again along the way I believe I will see you again, all my friends, when we we reach our final Home.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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