If I Had Only Known

Blog 1122 -9.22.2018

If I Had Only Known

I have told many of my contemporaries that one of the down sides to living longer is that you have to wave “bye-bye” to so many more family and friends – loved ones. I have done so to my Dad and Mom, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, cousins and so many friends and loved ones, but one of the hardest of all to say “see you later” to was my daughter Emily. It seems like every week now that someone goes on that I have known and walked with along this journey. Often I think if we had known that our last conversation would have been the last chance we had to tell them how much they mean to us than we might have made a special effort to do so. That is what makes sad good-byes even sadder, I think. The “If I had only known(s).”

But we do know that all relationships are time sensitive, that everyone of us has an appointment, a final scene to play in this production, this adventure. Knowing that, we should give each scene our best performance and by that I mean consider our role in this play as not so much a staring role as a supporting role and make sure the light shines best and brightest on all our supporting players.

If I have accomplished anything, and I have (and do not feel “done” yet) it is because I had so many wonderful people to learn from and to play off of, like you my dear readers. I wake up early most mornings trying to put something out there worthy of your time and attention, something uplifting, insightful, and encouraging. You, each of you, can be the judge of whether I actually accomplish that goal on any given morning. But rest assured that I will keep giving it my best shot as long as I can. If I out live you in this life I will write a tribute about you as I have many already. And if I leave this stage before you, the only tribute I ask is that is you pass along any of my words or songs that you think might be an encouragement to others. I used to think that writers and singers live on as long as their words are read or their songs listened to but I know in my heart that we are each of us magnificent and forever beings and will live on through countless new and exciting adventures yet to come whether anyone remembers us here or not.

I just wanted to take this moment to tell you that I am having a ball this time around and to thank you for your part in making it such a wonderful adventure.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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