Going With The Flow

Blog 1120 – 9.20.2018

Going With The Flow

You may think me a “go against the current” sort of guy with my slightly if not completely skewed view of most things. That is not how I see myself or things at all. I grant you that there seems to be a wind blowing in a certain direction at the surface most all the time but that wind blows every which away creating waves and storms that blow in and out of our lives. And yet I believe that just beneath the surface there is a stronger current that will carry us safe to our brightest and best destination. There is a plan and there is a course and we have only to check our “happiness meter” to know whether we are on course or off plan.

Going with “that flow” is the only safe or sane way to live in this otherwise very unsafe and insane world. I am reminded of an old joke about a Jewish Rabbi, a Roman Catholic Priest, and a Baptist Pastor that were fishing buddies. The Catholic priest and the Baptist minister had been to this particular fishing spot before so when they got to the edge of the water the just walked on out to a little island near shore and set down their gear but when the Rabbi tried it he was in water over his head and had to swim back to shore. He tried it several times with the same result so the Baptist asked the Catholic, “Do you suppose we should tell him where the stepping stones are?” The Priest replied, “Not just yet, watching him try to walk on the water is just too much fun.”

Life is meant to be fun and it is way more fun if we know where the stepping stones are and there is One who does – our higher self, for she, he, we put them there just so we could find them and make easier this wonderful journey. This current just below the surface that I mentioned earlier is there also to guide us on our way. So much that is most true is counterintuitive. One of my all time favorite scriptures goes like this: “Not to the strong is the battle, not to the swift is the race, but to the true and the faithful, victory is promised through grace.” That is actually the musical rendering of the verse.

What is grace, I mean besides a lovely girl’s name? When we see someone dancing with ease and style we say, my, but he, she is so “graceful.” The Christian religion or at least many who profess to be Christian make a big deal out of “grace” but isn’t not making it seem like a big deal but easy and flowing what graceful living should be all about? In the song “Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues” there is tucked a precious line or so it seemed to me the first time I ever heard it and still does even now. It goes:

“Jesus loves me this I know

So I keep going with the flow.”

Relax, you are in good hands. And, no, I am not talking about Allstate Insurance, but your hands, God’s hands. Does not the Bible plainly say over and over again that we, you and I, are God’s hands? This stuff never gets old and I do not plan to either but younger and healthier every day, always preparing for the next adventure.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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