Oh, My Dear (Deer)

Blog 1117 – 09.17.2018

Oh, My Dear (Deer)

As a teenager wishing to spend more time with my dad and share some of his favorite interests. I volunteered to go fishing and hunting with him. My brother was not interested in either. My daddy’s favorite or “resting place” as he called it was in a boat, or on a bank, or in the deep woods. It was never for him really about the catch or the game but just being out in nature. Many of my boyhood heroes like my dad were military men in World War Two. With my buddies I played war in the wooded lots near our homes where we acted out stories from our favorite TV shows, Combat and The Gallant Men. Many of us attended high schools where they offered Junior ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corp) and we got to continue playing Army with real US Army equipment and being trained by military cadre and officers.

After graduating high school, I and several of my boyhood buddies joined the Army for our own reasons. Mine was solely to be able to go to college after I got out. I signed up for a six-month teletype repair school. I picked it because it was the longest school they had available at the time I signed up and I figured it might be nice to learn a skill for I had then nor ever have had any desire to shoot anyone or be shot at. Those games in the woods playing Army, ROTC, and even Basic Training were just games to me and I consider myself very fortunate that the Universe kept me out of harms way even during the eleven months that I spent in the Republic Of South Vietnam. I have always been as the Fourth of the Ten Intentions For A Better World says, “…guided, guarded, and protected and lined up with the Highest Good at all times…” Others have not had it so easy as I. Many were killed in Vietnam and had to kill others and to me having to live with that would probably even be a worse fate than death, the one being quick and heroic and the other long and full of guilt and thoughts of wasting another’s life and depriving their friends and family of their continued company. I do not believe that killing is like in most of the revenge themed movies where it seems so easy to justify killing as an eye for and eye as if that were normal or natural. It goes against our true nature as children created in and by Love to take our own life and every life is our own life.

The First of The Ten Intentions For A Better World, that I live by, states:

“I refrain from opposing or harming anyone. I allow others to have their own experiences. I see life in all things and honor it as if it were my own. I support life.”

In all my fishing and hunting trips with my dad, I caught a few fish, shot one rabbit and one quail. I had a large beautiful doe walk almost up to me as I stood in the woods by a tree once. I did not even take a shot but wished I had had a camera instead of a gun. Yesterday morning I met perhaps her great, great, great…granddaughter and she posed for me. Oh, My Dear (Deer.)

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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