I Mustache You A Question

Blog 1093 – 08.24.2018

I Mustache You A Question

I spent at least half of my first year of a two year work assignment in Wisconsin without a close friend to go to the movies or dinner with. So I alternated weekends driving from the Lone Rock campground where my RV trailer was parked to Madison or Platteville to see whatever new movie that was out that whetted my appetite for movies the most. The Marcus Point theater in Madison was nicer, had nicer seats, and more screens so more movie choices. But I went more often to the Millennium Theatre in Platteville. My reason was two local commercials that ran before the movies. One with a sweet little girl talking about a ski lodge nearby called Cascade Mountain where kids skied free with their parents and how she and her cousin really loved it. The other commercial was about renovating the Platteville Downtown Library and had a bunch of children with drawn mustaches on sticks of several styles that they held up sweetly to their lips and the commercial seeking donations for the newly renovated library’s theme was, “I Mustache You A Question.”

I borrow that theme to ask you a couple of questions: “Are you happy?” And if not, “Why not?” I found a dear friend, one in a million, just shortly after my first six month anniversary in Wisconsin, we shared many a movie, and many meal together and wherever I travel the knowledge that I have a dear friend in Wisconsin will be a comfort to me. She let me share my happiness with her and she shared hers with me. We both knew, short or long that the work assignment would end and I would be moving on. Life is like that for all of us and it is always a risk getting involved in other people’s lives but I happen to believe as a dear song says that, “We’re Better Off For All That We Let It.”


All That We Let In

In my humble opinion amassing a big pile of money, or personal and business success alone will never make an individual happy. Relationships can bring a measure of happiness as we share our happiness with others and they share theirs with us. The more the merrier. Do yourself and any potential friends out there too a favor, keep your eyes and heart open to making new friends wherever you go, and cultivate those you already have.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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