If I Could Turn Back Time

Blog 1092 – 08.23.2018

“If I Could Turn Back Time”

“If I could find a way…” I am a fancier of time travel stories and movies and have been as long as I can remember. I still remember the first time that I saw the early nineteen sixties version of H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine, starring Australian actor Rod Taylor, French actress, Yvette Mimieux and Alan Young, of Mr. Ed fame, as Filby the leading man’s life long best friend.

My latest enjoyable time travel themed adventure is the NBC series, Timeless. Like another NBC series from the nineteen eighties called Quantum Leap starring Scott Bakula, Timeless is all about trying to go back in time to fix things that went wrong.

As fanciful as that idea may seem to some I believe that we do just that with our memories all the time when we relive them trying to make sense of them or trying to rewrite them. One of my favorite songs by Garth Brooks, “When You Come Back to Me Again” says, “There’s a moment we all come to, in our own time and our own place, where all that we’ve done we can undo if our hearts in the right place.” A great line from one of my favorite movies, Legends Of The Fall has the patriarch of the family writing to his wife back east about their sons. He writes. “I am not fool enough to try to reorder a life already lived…” But that is forever what most of us attempt to do perhaps through even several lifetimes till we get it right. This time we will get it right. A few years back Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt made an interesting movie about time called “Live, Die, Repeat.” As the title implies that is exactly what the movie is all about – doing it over and over again until you get it right and can move on.

One particular philosophical take on life that appeals to me is that these lives of ours are a sort of evolution where we progress from simpler lives to more and more complex, the goal being to reach a level of becoming a sort of ascended master or higher angel where we no longer loop through life after life but can be of greater assistance to others as sort of teachers, guides, or guardians. That to me seems what might have been going on in the end of Jesus’ earthly story. All I know is I think I’d like that. Much as I have and am enjoying this adventure in time I find my desire to turn back time less and less and the desire to go forward, upward and onward more and more.

The wise ones advise us the best use of these Time Machines, our minds, is not trying to correct the past or traveling to see the future but making the most of “Now.” And when we can and do that the past and the future seem to take care of themselves.


When You Come Back To Me Again

Your friend and fellow traveler,

In time and space,

David White

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