I Think I Am On The Mend

Blog 1088 – 08.19.2018

I Think I Am On The Mend

One day off and I feel better. I told several friends six months into this blog when I decided to start adding Saturday’s and Sunday’s that If anyone followed they would know the day that I died because the blog would just stop. I take my commitment to putting out this daily blog, http://www.theencouragingword.co quite seriously. Though I do not yet have the thousands of fans and followers that I hoped to have by now, those that I do have are important to me and I do not want to let you down.

And so I am up out of my sick bed with my I Pad glowing, ready to share whatever inspiration I can muster with a tube sticking out of me, to remind myself and each of you that no matter the trials or disappointments of this day it is still the day that the Lord and we have jointly made and that we can and should be glad in it.

“I thank you for this day, Spirit.”

I believe, or think, that it is our duty to ourself, our Higher Self, and to others to be the best we can be and that we do that most successfully when we are whole, holy, and happy. As a young man I was obsessed with Christian Perfection and I almost drove myself insane trying to be someone that I was not and that I was never intended to be. I had to leave the church and even God, or at least I thought I did, to find myself. In my late fifties I did finally find myself and learned to love myself just as I am. Billy Graham crusades always ended with the altar call song Just As I Am.

Over the years from a child to a forty-seven year old man I must have gotten “Saved” a hundred times and was literally baptized five or six times, all the way under the water, but each time the same wet David came out of the water not loving himself, nor believe anyone else really could, or should and feeling yet un-whole and unholy. If religion, church, mosque, or temple work for you by all means do not discard any beliefs that are serving you. But I had to let go of the crutches, the confusing maze of confounding beliefs that hid from me the greatest love of all – to love myself just as I am. You see in my case Jesus could not set me free, only another child of God, the Universe, could – me.

I have been quite ill in body for most of the last week and in more physical discomfort and pain than I have ever known. So much so that once I remarked to my wife, who drove a long way out of her way just to watch over me, that I do not think I would want to live like this. I hope I do not have to. I am under a doctor’s care and following as closely as I can the doctor’s instructions, taking my meds and submitting to further tests. I still think there is a reason, probably several for me to stick around. Besides first and foremost all the people that I have come to love and the many more that I hope to, I have work to do. There is my day job that pays the bills, but even more important than that to me is this blog and my Daily Mockingbird Song. I missed sending a song out yesterday, I did not even send a note of explanation. Hope I did not worry anyone. I even missed singing karaoke at the campground last night. I do so love to sing, and I love to write, speak, and teach. I have only one song, one lesson, one gospel to write, speak, sing and teach, and it is this – love yourself, that is the secret to happiness, health, wholeness, and holiness, in doing so you will find others and the whole Universe are so much easier to love as well.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

To our good health, happiness, and wholeness,

David White

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