“I Never Lose”

Blog 1079 – 08.09.2018

“I Never Lose”

Some people cultivate, or at least seem to try to cultivate, a loser’s mentality. One of those ole Bible verses that I have heard all of my life that still rings true for me is the line, “We are more that conquerors (winners) through him that loves us.” I can hear ole Kojak played by Telly Savalas saying, “Who loves ya, Baby?” By which he meant, “I love you.” If all these religious people really wanted to be like Jesus, like God, like the Holy Spirit, it stands to reason that there would be a whole lot more loving going on and what better place to start that with the one nearest us or as Jesus put it succinctly – “love God with all your heart, and love your neighbor, as you love yourself”. Who is closer to you than you?

The first and most loving thing that we can do for ourselves is to stop with all that loser self talk and start with ourselves a more loving and caring conversation. Some of us have already read to the end of the book, no, not the scary one with all that end time nightmare gobble dee goop, but rather the book of life, and we all win in the end.

The Universe never created a loser. If you are not winning, you can rest assured that your particular part in the story is not over yet, for we cannot help but win in the end for we are more than winners through Him/Her that loves us.

I love the song, I’m Yours. So many words and sung so fast but spot on especially when it says, “Ready to win some or to learn some.” That my friends is our one true destiny for we are meant to be winners and not losers, learners and always the highest and best choosers. Our thoughts and words become things. It is up to us to always choose the best, brightest, and highest ones, for the love of God. That’s right no matter who or what else you choose to believe, believe that “We Are Winners And Never Losers. We Can Only Win Or Learn For There Are No Other Options Really.” Take it from the Lion in the picture or from

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


I’m Yours

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