The Universe’s Golden Arches

Blog 1078 – 08.08.2018

The Universe’s Golden Arches

Too many persist in believing a depressed ego’s view of things and continue to view life from that broken and sad prism that makes life seem like a prison. I was for too many years like many of my religious friends wanting nothing more than to escape this “horrid, unhappy place” for a slice of the delicious pie in the sweet by and by. Yes, even the Apostle Paul in one of his more somber moods wrote to the religious friends of his day, “If there is no resurrection, we are of all men most miserable.” And not I think for believing a lie about what comes next but for buying into a greater lie about what is actually now. On a brighter more upbeat day he once also wrote, “Today is the day of salvation.” and “God is like the sunshine rising in us.”

I believe that The Universe, my favorite name for an all encompassing divinity, is like McDonalds where there is no shortage and everyone gets all the Happy Meals a hungry child ever deserved, where the sign once said millions served, then billions served, till finally even they quit counting. If you are still counting, do yourself a favor and quit counting your problems and start counting your blessings and soon you will have to agree with Mickey D’s that there have indeed been millions, billions served and every day more and more.

Instead of loathing your life or wishing it away for another world, a heaven tomorrow, you will soon find yourself singing, “I’m loving it” today.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Offering the encouraging word,

David White

Sunshine On My Shoulders

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