No Matter What

Blog 1049 – 07.10.2018

No Matter What

Some songs just say it so much better and it sticks with us so much better that just a well turned phrase or even a touching bit of prose or poetry. I am and have been all of this life, and truth be known for several if not many past lives, a speaker, writer, singer-songwriter and a teacher but I am only just awakening now at this point in this journey to a fuller knowledge of the responsibility of claiming those titles, pursuing those roles. If I never draw a day’s pay for them that does not matter one bit to me. Doing the job is what matters – no matter what.

We all have a message and a miracle to deliver, not just the baby Jesus. I am not just touched to tears by songs but also by books. I saw the movie The Miracle Season some months back but a friend of mine got me a copy of the book signed by the author Coach Kathy Bresnahan and so far I have only been able to read a chapter or two at a time because I have to stop, dry my tears, and ponder the wonder of Caroline “Line’s” life and the way she touched so many lives and continues to through the book, the movie, and the motto that her friends, family, team mates, and coaches reinforced with a second Iowa State Championsip in high school girls volley ball (The first with her as setter on the team the year before she tragically died and the second without her – but not really) trying with all their hearts and encouraging us all to just – “Live Like Line.” Do read the book, see the movie, but neither without a box of tissues nearby.

How we choose to live and love matters. And when we live and love like “Line” and all the wonderful examples out there, we can live and love no matter what:

No matter the odds

No matter the diagnosis

No matter the disability

No matter the addition

No matter the conviction

No matter the competition

No matter the past record

No matter what anyone else thinks

No matter how many times we fall or fail

It is after all our tale

No matter what.

I first heard No Matter What on the CD soundtrack of the romantic comedy movie with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. I saw the movie later, but played the song over and over till I memorized it. It is a song that says so much and speaks right to the heart – “No matter what they tell us. No matter what they do. No matter what they teach us. What we believe is true.” It seems everyone is always trying to push “their truth” or one that someone else pushed them into, trying to make us “believe” as they do. That is not at all how believing is meant to work. There is a ring to the truth, our heart does not have to be sold, convinced, or convicted, we know the truth when we hear it or see it because it is in us and we recognize it – no mater what. That is what I believe, but I could be wrong, but don’t worry, if I am, I will see that too, without anyone preaching at me because I am listening with all my heart and with my eyes wide open, and my ears to hear the music and the truth of the Universe.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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