A Surprise Karaoke Concert At The End Of A Long Drive

Blog 1048 – 07.09.2018

A Surprise Karaoke Concert At The End Of A Long Drive

After an even earlier morning rise on Saturday to do my blog and Mockingbird Song daily postings, I had several hours of battening down the hatches so to speak to get ready to move to Bemidji, Minnesota where I have a new work assignment starting today and for maybe the next four months. I never know how long or short these work assignments are going to be. But isn’t that true of everything in life? Oh, we plan and like to believe we have a “permanent” job, living arrangements, or relationships but often we are reminded change is an integral and continuous part of life. If we are not moving we are dying so to keep those vultures from circling don’t sit too still in the same place too long or get too used to anything, but expect changes to come into your life. Permanence is the illusion.

I had planned to be on the road by 6 am but there are so many details to take care of breaking camp, especially one of such a long duration, that it was more like an hour and a half later before I got away. As I write this I hear rain drops just starting to fall on the roof of my little home on wheels, one of my favorite sounds. But I am getting ahead of myself.

After a beautiful drive, I made it safe and sound, trailer in tow, to my new camping place in beautiful Minnesota. As I was signing in the lady who runs the campground told me that they had karaoke from 7 pm till 10 pm on Saturday nights and asked if I was a singer. What a pleasant surprise, I was over joyed and said, “Oh, yes, I love to sing.” Then she said, “ Please come and help us out, my son and I, we have trouble getting people to sing.” I thought to myself – problem solved. Ha.

So after parking the trailer in my new assigned space, number 43 (I confess that I am a poor backer so that took several tries), I set up as quick as possible to take a quick cold shower. Lighting the water heater and waiting for hot water would have to wait. Clean, I drove to town for a quick supper and made it back just in time, right at 7 pm. I would have been fifteen minutes early, my usual arrival time for most things (I heard long time Packers coach, Vince Lombardi, years ago say “If you are not fifteen minutes early, you are late” to his players) except as usual I meandered off course a bit – hey I found the bank and several other nice places to eat. Guess I’d better watch the Vince Lombardi quotes while in Minnesota and forget wearing my Packers tee shirt or cap. I am sure I will be purchasing some Vikings attire, to fit in. I have quite a collection of caps from my travels and root for everybody’s team to win.

I was the first singer to brave the karaoke microphone and there were but few to listen around the campfire outside the office/recreational building where a fine karaoke system was set up colored lights swirling and all. Usually with karaoke you sing one song and must wait as much as an hour while others take their turns before you get another turn so you must stay late to get to sing even two or three songs. But not this night. I sang song after song as quickly as the camp manager or her son could cue them up. It was the longest concert, with the most songs that I had ever sung at once. I had a ball singing such greats as George Strait’s, Amarillo By Morning, A Fire I Can’t Put Out, You Look So Good In Love, and All My Ex’s Live In Texas. I also did Garth Brooks, The Dance, and To Make You Feel My Love; two of my favorites by Michael Buble, Everything and Home. I sang and sang till I was sated. I concluded my one hour and fifteen minute set with Walking In Memphis and I Left My Heart In San Francisco.

I wish you could have been there (You might wish otherwise -Ha, self deprecating humor) but actually you are, in my heart, where I carry each of you wherever I go.


Walking In Memphis

Well, actually near the head of the Mississippi River that runs right by Memphis, Tennessee.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Always with a song for you in my heart,

David White

2 thoughts on “A Surprise Karaoke Concert At The End Of A Long Drive

  1. Glad I got to see this Blog David. It feels like ages since Reslink! I’m happy you’re living your dream as a traveler.


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