BFF’s (Best Friends Forever) How Many Do You Have?

Blog 1025 – 06.16.18

BFF’s (Best Friends Forever) How Many Do You Have?

Best Friends Forever, some people think that means one but remember even as a child how hard it was picking “best friends” and how often we said, “I’ll be your best friend forever if…”? No ifs, ands, or buts about it it is important to have and be best friends. Making friends is easy, all you have to do is act friendly and trust me far more that your belly, your mind, or some other things about you, your heart (seat of affections) has the capacity to expand to take in way more than a few family and a fewer friends. Instead of worrying about counting our money we should better concern ourselves with increasing the number of our friends.

And I am not taking about our Facebook friends, Tweeter, or Snapchat followers. Poets from the first and shortest rhyme called “Flees” and simply: “Adam had ‘em.” have been trying to find the right words to describe friendship. But, I too will give it a shot.

A Friend

A friend is a brother or sister

Always like a treasure find

Sometimes our first family

Is not that caring or kind.

A true friend is always there

To lift you up when you’re down

Even answer past midnight calls

And is always fun to be around.

Oh, they have their own agendas

But make room for you all the same

Make loads lighter, roads brighter

And you glad your way they came.

There are some great lines in the song “I’m Just An Ole Chunk Of Coal.”

One of my favorites is, “I’m gonna be the world’s best friend.” Aim high and settle for nothing less, BFF – Best Friends Forever.

Your BFF and fellow traveler,

David White

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