Her Signature Scent

(A Re-post of an earlier Blog and repeated offer) If the lovely Marilyn wore Chanel No. 5 to make her feel lovelier perhaps some if you lovely ladies might still like to today.)

Her Signature Scent

Blog 456 – 11.05.2016

Marilyn Monroe, just the mention of her name brings a smile to the faces of both women and men. As the saying goes men wanted to be with her and women wanted to be her. Her signature scent was Chanel Number Five.

A reporter once asked Marilyn what she wore to bed. Enquiring minds wanted to know. Her answer was as sexy as she was. She said, “The only thing I wear to bed is a drop of Chanel No. 5.” Sales of the fragrance went way up after that quote was published. She never received a cent for endorsing the product. She just loved the scent.

I have loved Marilyn Monroe since I was a boy and her signature scent. Chanel No. 5 is an expensive perfume. My mother was so proud when she was able to buy herself a bottle. She wore it for my dad and asked him what he thought. Dad was a plain spoken man and hurt her feelings by his unguarded remark. He said, “It makes you smell like a whore.” Well Dad, Jesus loved whores and so do I. Whore is a word that offends many people. I suppose its primary meaning is a woman who has sex for money. But then men do that too. And most of us do all kinds of things for money, some we would not do otherwise. I prefer a slightly different definition of the word – a woman or man who loves sex and does it not just for money but for the pleasure they get out of it. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had jobs we loved so much that we’d do them even if they did not pay us. This is my wish for each of you.

Back to Marilyn’s signature scent. It is a beautiful smell and often especially us guys under value the importance of the sense of smell. Because we are often such stinky critters nature has thankfully given men a weaker sense of smell than women. That is why when we do wear aftershave or cologne, probably not often enough, we put on too much. And also why women trying to attract men wear more fragrance. Whores, God love them, but we’ve already covered that.

I love women and the smell of Chanel No. 5. If I had my way every women who loves it as I do would have it delivered to her door so she always had an ample supply. You know, like the milk man used to deliver the milk only with me picking up the bill. Who knows maybe when I am a rich speaker, published author, poet, songwriter with more money coming in than I could ever spend I will make that wish come true. Chanel would be happy, so would a lot of women, and their husbands and boyfriends. Also the world would be a much better smelling place at least to me. Okay girls here’s your chance to sign up for free Chanel No. 5.

Do you like the smell of Chanel No. 5? If you do let me know and I’ll put you on my list. Hey, it could happen.

Your friend, fellow traveler, and lover of Her Signature Scent,
David White

3 thoughts on “Her Signature Scent

  1. Chanel 5 is glorious, I don’t want to besmirch yuor dear dad, but he’s so wrong and yet on another level oh so right, but in a sort of misguided arrival at a truth – men do love it.


  2. You and I disagree on a great many things, but I truly appreciate your brand of feminism. Empathy is such a godly quality. Men are exhorted to “dwell in understanding” with their wives, and that applies to having an appreciation and love for all people, whether they are like us or not. In fact, it is the contrasting “otherness“ of men and women that makes them so attracted to each other. People need to relate to one another, but they are also seeking the missing rib – the piece that is missing from themselves. My heart aches for your mother; I pray—even in retrospect— that her pain was not more than she felt she could bear. I know that she found great comfort in your love and understanding of her. ❤️


  3. I confess I must have missed out, I’ve never smelled the fragrance, but need to peruse the fine fragrance aisles sometime. Marilyn, you & your momma can’t be wrong! And although I typically have ‘a signature scent’ ~ I enjoy stepping outside of the box sometimes ~ !

    Being fairly new to your blog followers, although this might have been a repeat to some, it was new to me. I’ve enjoyed seeing the world thru someone else’s eyes. It’s like going on a daily vacation and taking in a new view ~ then coming home with an expanded vision ~


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