I Loved You Once In Silence

Blog 1002 – 05.22.2018

I Loved You Once I Silence

Note: The theme picture today is of a movie poster that hung in my twelfth-grade English Creative Writing Class.

The proverb says that open hatred is better than secret love. Whether it is better or not I do not know but I do know how painful secret love is. When I was in the eighth grade I was madly in love, much as any eighth grade boy can be (And do not underestimate the power or depth of young love) with a young girl who looked every bit as lovely to me as Laura Petrie, Dick Van Dyke’s lovely wife on his then TV showed played by the beautiful Mary Tyler Moore. Janet Rider was my young MTM double for whom I would have, as the saying goes, swam the deepest ocean or climbed the highest mountain to be near her. But what I did, shy and cowardly boy that I was, was to type rhyming love poetry to her, in typing class when I was supposed to be doing speed and competency exercises. Then I typed, “From Your Secret Admirer”, and folded them so they would fit through one of the louvers in her locker, where I deposited them when no one was looking.

Alas, not only was my identity no secret (Was it my adoring looks when ever she was near that gave me away?) but she was not a poetry lover still she did share them with a neighbor girl who liked poetry and who’s affections I did stir with my poetic efforts. Her feelings for me she kept secret for a while till I noticed a familiar look in her eyes. The rest, as they say, is Romeo and Juliet, or at least just as tragic to my fourteen year old heart. Oh, but for most of the spring of 1965 and the first two months of that summer my heart was in heaven for secret love was no secret anymore.

Jenny and Lance’s heart breaking song is the last of my week long tributes to the 1967 movie, “Camelot,” It was hard stopping at just seven songs as I know and love them all but I figure those are enough, I hope, to stir some of you to revisit the movie and those fine tunes. I hope you could tell how much fun that I had singing along with the lovers.


Your friend and fellow traveler,

Fan of Camelot,

David White

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