If You’re Gonna Play In Texas

(Picture taken at The Rendezvous at Fort Bridger, Wyoming in 2012 – no fiddle, not Texas)

Blog 995 – 05.15.2018

If You’re Gonna Play In Texas

If someone had told me fifty years ago that I would be recording country-western songs, young rock-in-roller that I was, I would have said, “The hell I will.” But somewhere along the way my belief in hell, and to me just as silly, my belief that “listening to country music rots your brain” left me and I began to see heaven even in honky tonk angels’ eyes. My mama and daddy loved country-western music and tried to make me and my brother Robert also but as most boys our age we loved cowboys (his favorite Roy Rogers, mine Gene Autry – both singing cowboys) and we could take the western but shunned the country part.

I still amazes me how many country and western songs old and new that really appeal to me today. Yesterday on my Daily Mocking Song email to a few of my friends I posted my mockingbird version of Alabama’s, “Angels Among Us.” I dedicated it to a special angel but also to the angel in all of us. We are in a higher better way like Manchurian Candidates, sleeper cells, just awaiting the Spirit to move us into service. When I was a boy it was a common expression if someone thought you were not moving fast enough to hear some one say, “ What are you waiting on, the Spirit to move you?” Yeah, well exactly. I believe we do our best, most noble, and hero acts when we are so moved.

One of my favorite movies, and I know I have so many, is Dustin Hoffman’s movie, “Hero” (1992) in which he plays the most unlikely of heroes. In fact his character gets the name, “Hero Of Flight Number ???” for single handedly saving a plane full of victims before their crashed plane bursts into flames.

We have a tendency to think only those who win and get to write the histories have heroes. The losing countries have their heroes too. U.S. citizens should remember that General (later President) George Washington is still on the top ten list of enemies of the British Empire (They call it The United Kingdom) as we call our empire the United States Of America. The Mexicans call their country The United States Of Mexico.

I have spent over thirty-five years of my life in Texas, once a Mexican state, and for a few years after that, a country on it’s own. Many things good and bad have been said about that and about the Lone Star State of Texas. All I can say on that subject is to repeat the line from the song, “If you’re gonna play in Texas you’ve gotta have a fiddle in the band.”


Your friend and fellow traveler,

Two year expat where I’m at, in Wisconsin,

David White

3 thoughts on “If You’re Gonna Play In Texas

  1. I kept saying yes to this, especialy on that old view of country music, have now been to a few festivals here, so have truly eaten my words. Sadly the video wouldn’t download – probably that area thing where if you’re in a nother country you can’t.


    1. Isn’t it wonderful how much fuller and better life becomes when we let go of silly thinking that no longer serves us. And thank you for inviting your friends and fans to look at my piece yesterday. Better than any writing award or trophy that. To be appreciated and read by writers well it does not get much better than that for a writer. I so appreciate all you share, Paul, and am so glad to be called and have you for a friend (mate.)

      On Tue, May 15, 2018 at 6:20 AM theencouragingword wrote:


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