Life Gives Out Participation Trophies

Blog 994 – 05.14.2014

Life Gives Out Participation Trophies

I have heard several people, usually guys, remark that they think it is a big mistake handing out participation trophies. They seem to think it raises “soft and sissy” children ill prepared for the “hard cruel world.” I personally do not buy into the hard cruel world myth and happen to believe that life itself hands out participation trophies to encourage us to participate.

Life is not, Darwin’s Theory accepted, merely a competition. If it were the fastest, strongest, fittest, and prettiest would win every crown and no one else would have a chance – they do not and there are awards enough for everyone to take home a trophy. There are I might add countless categories, my favorite and most desired is The Happiest Trophy. And the reason I like that one best is that it is the most lasting and most personally fulfilling one.

How much does it really matter in the big scheme of things if you win a Super Bowl Ring or an Olympic Gold Metal if the rest of your life is sad and less, lacking happiness. Oh, everyone seems to love a good story about overcoming great obstacles to achieve some high score or difficult achievement. But what does any of that really matter in comparison to happiness and someone to share it with?

What we really ought to do by way of inspiring our children to true wealth, accomplishment, and greatness is to display before them full and happy lives, lives where people are more important than power, money, or fame. If power, money, and fame were the be all end all why do so many who achieve those things seem to need drugs, alcohol, and faster, bigger, better everything to distract them from the emptiness of a life without happiness or a true friend to share it with?

Don’t get me wrong, money, power, and fame can bring you many things. Fortunately for the rest of us, the three most important things – happiness, friendship, and fulfillment are the return investment on simply loving and showing up – the true participation trophies that life freely offers to us all.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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