From The Heart

Blog 963 – 04.13.2018

From The Heart

I no longer consider myself a Christian but did so for most of my life and as a life-long student of the Bible and especially the words attributed to Jesus I can tell you I still very often agree with much of what Jesus supposedly said. Particular favorites of mine are his rebuttals of the religious folks of his day, the Sadducees and Pharisees. I have a feeling that Jesus would be just as at odds and as often with the church that bears his name today. In one of his answers to the narrow-minded Law and the Prophets quoters (That was all the Bible they recognized as “God’s Holy Word” back then) when they were criticizing his disciples for munching on few grains of wheat that they had picked because they were hungry walking through a field on the Sabbath, (Working on the Sabbath was a “no, no.”) Jesus said to the Pharisees that it isn’t what goes in the mouth that pollutes us but what comes out of the heart, for out of the heart are the issues of life.” I submit that he was not talking about Bible verses memorized by heart but about love and that true love, the truth and nothing but the truth.

I love the song From The Heart and have sung along with it countless times as I do for you here:

I especially like the lover’s promise:

“I’ll provide the love you need, just trust my touch, believe in me…”

No mere man or mere woman could ever make or keep such a promise, only a higher self, a divine self, could fulfill such a promise and whether you call that higher self, God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Brahma, the Universe or just the biggest best you, He/She/Me has always done just that – provided the love you need.

When and if you ever feel unloved you have only to look into your own heart and find all the love you could ever need or want more than enough to share with the whole wide world waiting to know what comes From The Heart.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Like you with a heart full of love,

David White

One thought on “From The Heart

  1. It is a logical to quote the words or values of Jesus as your authority if you are not His follower or disciple. 💛
    Moreover, Jesus had many teachings and values that didn’t tell people to simply “follow their hearts“ or to do whatever they felt like doing; we are to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit; our hearts are nothing but desperately wicked. Jesus Gimself quoted from the Old Testament, and said that His ways were THE only ways. 😊


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