All Passengers On A Leaky Boat

Blog 962 – 04.12.2018

All Passengers On A Leaky Boat

After the passing of my beloved daughter Emily Elaine White at the age of thirty two in 2012, like most dads who have lost a daughter, my heart was tender and I remember listening to songs she had sent me on her famous Father’s Day mixed CD’s and looking for special meaning in them. Second only to the Indigo Girls’ haunting All That We Let In, the song Falling Slowly (a link to my Mockingbird version of it attached here) did that for me. Listen and then we’ll talk.

The line “Take this sinking boat and point it home” immediately catches my attention as I think of sweet Em’s boat sinking fast and like all of us hoping she makes it home before it sinks. She did make it Home and all who knew and loved her in this life and some who will yet love her as they learn later about her rejoice that another sweet songbird made it safe to the distant shore where others must be already enjoying her song.

We are all passengers on a sinking boat that cannot for long stay afloat. Oh, some of us will have a longer cruise than Em’s, some shorter. The length of the cruise does not matter near so much as our joy in the journey. Many people feel a great sense of destiny, that there is some mission, some great purpose that they are here to accomplish. This morning as I took one of those eternal moments with the Universe to express the deepest desire of what I want most to accomplish in my boat ride, short or long, I whispered aloud, “I want to say, write, and sing encouraging words that lift the hearts of others on this same journey.” Then I added, “Thank you, I am doing that.”

I intend to keep doing that till this boat goes under or I arrive on that distant shore where I know I will be met by many I have loved in this and probably many previous lives but especially by a certain little girl who sang her song to anyone who came along and those of us who heard it and hear it still are forever glad she did and look forward to hearing her again.

Your friend, fellow traveler, like Em, a mockingbird,

David White

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