No Dust In The Wind

Blog 945 – 03.27.2018

No Dust In The Wind

There was a popular song in the late nineteen eighties, early nineties called Dust In The Wind that said that all we are is just insignificant dust in the wind. I do not beg to but loudly disagree, our bodies may be made of star dust but the breath, the spark within all of us is Divine and therefore so are we. We are of more intrinsic and sentimental value to that One and everyone than all the world and worlds, you and I collectively and alone. But we are not alone and have never ever been, for there abides in us that breath, that spark and it is a shared thing. When this body wears out or for whatever reason stops being of use to God and us that breath and that spark go back to their source.

I love the poetic revelation of the line in the Bible at the end of Jesus’ trek up the via Del Rosa when he died on the cross and the writer states, that he cried out, breathed his last, or in the more poetic King James rendering, “yielded his spirit back to God.” What he cried out at at that point was not the “My God, my God why have you forsaken me” that he had uttered in his pain and despair just moments earlier but most probably a more resigned. “I’m coming home, finally.”

Whether you believe the rest of the story or not, I believe this is the most important part. I happen to believe that not just white, black, or blue lives matter but that all lives matter. Jesus’ life mattered but so did those of the two thieves at his side suffering the same crucifixion fate as he, the men who drew the terrible assignment of ending those three lives, and the countless others tortured to death then and now by their brothers.

Judgement and condemnation are man-made, man-perpetrated and man-perpetuated things, that I believe a good and loving God loathes and would never ever practice or condone. Because of that belief I reject all the bloody sacrifice religions whether they be about virgins thrown into fiery volcanoes, or sons nailed to crosses, or those accused of murder lethally injected to pay for their supposed crimes or those of others. Love has proposed another way, another rule, a more divine and humane law, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” And that my friends is not “pay back, pay off, revenge, or even justice” but love and understanding. Understand this, all the books holy and profane say the same thing, that we are all guilty of crimes, mistakes, coming up short of the glory of God, however you choose to put it, and none of us is any better or worse than the others and that we are all just as deserving of the love of not just our Father/Mother God but of all of our brothers and sisters too.

We are not dust in the wind but stars in Her/His and each other’s crowns for awhile on the ground but destined to rise royally and return home as Jesus and all those before us have.

You friend and fellow traveler,

also homeward bound,

David White

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