Are You Sleeping?

Blog 912 – 02.22.2018

Are You Sleeping?

It is said that humans spend one quarter of their lives sleeping. Many of us, myself included, have already spent far more. “Awake, oh sleeper.” This is a subject that I have poked at and probably will again. It is the nature of some one who has awakened to a truth to want to share that with someone else – to cry, “Wake Up.” But it takes great skill and patience to gently awaken someone from a deep satisfying sleep with out scaring them or having them awaken startled thinking you are a mad, raving lunatic.

Some years ago The Matrix three movie series took this theme to startling sci-fi purportions proposing that we live asleep in a world that is a merely induced dream – a construct, a matrix designed to keep us from learning who we truly are and where. I submit to you, Sleepyhead, that there is some real truth to that. Oh, I do not think intelligent machines are running everything, not yet at least, but I do think we are asleep most of the time and perhaps most awake while we think we are sleeping.

In another great sci-fi move, I, Robot, with Will Smith, an intelligent robot is given a dream by his maker to awaken him to the truth that he is more his father’s son than a robot, a futuristic Pinocchio. This same theme runs through a lot of science fiction from the classic, Frankenstein, by Mary Shelly celebrating its two hundredth anniversary this year, to more recent but already classics like a movie a young Haley Joel Osment acted in called A. I. Artificial Intelligence released in 2001. These robot movies all pay image to the poem, “I Sing, The Body Electric” and remind me of a childhood poem that I quote often which speaks to the meaning of life:

Row, row, row your boat

Gently down the stream

Merrily, merrily, merrily

Life is but a dream.

But dreams, the best of them always prepare us for a more magnificent and inspiring waking life where we get to act out all those marvelous dreams. If one tries to escape life, in liquor, drugs, or a thousand other mind numbing, stupor inducing things, they can but, oh, what a wonderful life they will miss. No video game, social media world of virtual friends, or any other technological virtual reality world can compare to that one of your own design on this great sketch pad we call our waking life. “ Awake oh sleeper from sweet dreams to an even sweeter life- it is what you make it. Make my cup full and over flowing.

Are You Sleeping?

Are you sleeping brother John, sister Joan

Hear your waking up call, pick up the phone.

So much to see, to be said, and to be done.

Nap time is over now it’s high time for fun.

Wake up, Sleepyhead, this is no time to be in bed

Songs need sung and danced to, books writ and read

Awake it’s morning time, sleeping is for the night,

There are masterpieces to paint, romances to write.

You friend and fellow traveler,

Wide awake Dave,

David White

2 thoughts on “Are You Sleeping?

  1. Absolutely beautiful. I completely agree with you. I love thinking about this. I journal about this type of stuff often. I hope that many people are awakened by your beautiful insights! It is a shame to sleep through life. As people we are too quick to forget how special life is!


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