Not That Different Two Or Too

Blog 898 – 02.08.2018

Not That Different Two or Too

Just last month I titled a blog Not That Different and as I began it I intended to share the lyrics at least of a wonderful Collin Raye song by that title. But as often is the case my mind and my words took me in a somewhat different direction but I did mention the song and said that as soon as I had made it mine that I would share it with you. Well, here is a link to my mockingbird version of Not That Different:

Not That Different

In the recent “Hostiles” brutal movie

There was at least one inspiring line

Uttered by a wise dying native chief

To a woman who lost her family to hostiles

But treated one who looked like them kind.

He said in a quiet moment to her,

“You are me and I am you.”

Of all the words ever uttered

None have ever been more true.

We are not that different

We really are One, the same,

When Papa says, “Beloved”

We all can answer to that name.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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