What Lays Behind The Bedroom Door

Blog 897 – 02.07.2018

What Lays Behind The Bedroom Door

I discovered some time ago that is quite possible to write about most even quite controversial subjects if one tries to handle them with care and sensitivity. And, yes, I know we do not always agree regarding many subjects including but not limited to politics, religion, sex, and which is the best sport or team to root for or to watch. There is far more that we all agree on than what we do not. We just are not that different.

And I happen to believe that our disagreements are there not to divide us but to provide us wonderful opportunities and windows of understanding into one another and a deeper understanding of our own motivations. I never mean to push my often somewhat skewed view upon anyone but just to encourage everyone to know how deeply and dearly we are all loved, even the sickest puppies among us, just as we are, wonderful as we are.

I was surprised to hear that one of my proper and pretty sisters especially likes sexy poetry. But, then who does not and who does not know at least one limerick about a boy or girl from Nantucket?

What Lays Behind The Bedroom Door

I also write sexy, quite erotic poetry

Because there stirs a beast in me

I believe beasts can also be angels

They roaring cry when they’re set free.

And I know we do not always have

The same opinions or the same tastes

Be we all feel a burning in our hearts

A certain yearning below the waists.

Some of us perhaps more open minded

Or at least less inclined to deny or hide it

Have lusty, sexy, and so naughty thoughts

‘Bout what we’ve done or wish we tried it.

And so I write also sexy erotic poetry

That sexy side of life to also explore

Much more to life ahead and to be said

What lays behind that bedroom door.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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